The Black & White iOS Camera

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For creative photographers

Camera1 is an iOS Camera app which allows creative photographers to easily explore exposure and contrast combinations of the Black and White image, all in real time. Whether you're starting in Black and White or already experienced, Camera1 will help you see in Black & White like nothing else.

Camera1 app main user interface

Best in class Image Processing

Using a proprietary image processing engine, Camera1 takes full advantage of your device camera hardware. With 6 high-quality contrast filters, take precise control of tone mapping from color to black and white. Optionally save the original color photo alongside the Black and White processed image. Support for ProRAW/RAW (DNG) (on supported devices) and TIFF file formats.

Camera1 app tone mapping filter screenshot

Forget the camera, focus on photography

Camera1 unique zen mode hides the user interface completely, allowing you to focus on composition and timing to capture those decisive moments. The main exposure, focus and contrast controls remain usable in this mode, they are just hidden.

Camera1 app crop factors screenshots

Black & White Film Roll

Quickly visualize and share your shots using the Black & White film roll, as you would survey your contact sheet.

Camera1 app crop factors screenshots
Camera1 functions
Eric Mencher

"I like the results-a bit like film (Tri-X) with a slight grain pattern. Lots of latitude"

Eric Mencher @emencher

Expert Photography

"Our favourite black and white app was Camera1"

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